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The Board of Directors

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Curtis Williams


Curtis has served on the QCAD board for over a decade and currently holds the position of President. He has worked at WIU-QC Campus for many years and is passionate about the work he does there. Undoubtedly, QCAD would not be the organization it is today without him.

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Nathan Leidig


Nathan, a Quad Citian born and raised, has served as a board member since 2020. He is passionate about eradicating stigmatizations and strives to help create an equitable world. He often assists in education and awareness projects within the QC area. He also works at The Project of the Quad Cities. For a decade he has been connecting to the community through the field of health and human services. Nathan identifies as a life, long learner inspired by the abundance of opportunities available to broaden and enrich the lives of those around him. He is presently working on his Bachelors of Anthropology at WIU. His goal in serving on this board is to continue to bring together our local LGBTQIA+ community.


Ashley Danner


Ashley is no stranger to small town life, coming from a little place called Port Byron, Illinois. She loves coffee and cats, and her ideal morning is sipping an iced latte with her cat, Bisou. She is a university student pursuing higher education in the Masters of Business Administration program and hopes to land somewhere in marketing or human resource management. As an advocate working within QCAD for the LGBTQIA+ community, she hopes that she can use her creativity and passion for unity and acceptance to help create a more inclusive QCA. She currently serves on our marketing team.


Wezz De La Rosa


Wezz's goal as a board member of QCAD is to provide a safe and exciting space for LGBTQ+ and alley's in our area. Outside of his love for photography, Wezz has a passion for serving his community. He has done so as a Shelter Advocate at Family Resources in Davenport and as an Outreach Coordinator with The Project of the Quad Cities in Moline. He is the owner of Wezz De La Rosa Photography where he specializes in headshots, family photography, videography and events. Some events he has worked include the Red Ribbon Gala, Pride Party, and Girls on the Run. He is also the lead photographer of a local QC magazine: Stroll Crow Valley. In 2019 Wezz founded the QC LGBT Project- this is a photo documentary project where participants' share their stories with the purpose of uplifting, educating, and providing representation for our local LGBTQ+ community. Wezz is a member of the Trans community and finds it important to be as authentic as possible, so he does what he can to uplift those in need.


Stephanie Patrick


Stephanie was born and raised in the Quad City area. Her favorite place is in nature and she is enthusiastic about environmental issues. Stephanie believes that all people should have access to resources and be treated equally. Partnering with community non-profits, Stephanie has been a co-organizer of community clean up events, clothing and hygiene drives as well as canned food drives. Stephanie has been able to advocate on a global scale for LGBTQIA+ awareness and is a member of her company's Employee Resource Group as well as their local volunteer group that organizes events to raise money for community non-profits. Stephanie is striving to ensure equality in the workplace. Her goal is to combine her professional and personal advocacy to expand and strengthen her network. 

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Mike Hetrick


Mike Hetrick has been associated with QCAD for over 10 years. He has served in various positions and currently serves as Treasurer. He has been involved in QCAD’s Gay and Gray, Youth Drop-ins, Pridefest and many other events. He also serves on the steering committee of Quad Cities Pride in Memory, which is working towards preserving the LGBTQ history of the Quad Cities. Mike lives in Moline with his husband of 25 years. They have 1 dog (Magnus) and 1 cat (Sparky).


Shelbee Bradley


Shelbee currently serves as our Chief of Staff. They are a queer Quad Cities native and an all around lover of animals; whether it runs, swims, or flies she will try to pet it. They spend their life working to earn the love of their cats, Halo and Duchess. As a first-generation college graduate herself, Shelbee has spent over 6 years working professionally in Higher Education providing student support, working to advance equity and accessibility. Their goal in joining the QCAD board is to use their passion and skills to support our LGBTQIA+ community. 


Scott Brouette


Scott Brouette has been a member of the QCAD board since 2015. He is originally from the Chicago suburbs and attended Illinois State University for his undergraduate degrees. He taught preschool for 15 years before moving to Western Illinois University. He earned a Master’s degree in education in 2010 while teaching preschool at WIU. In 2012 Scott transferred to WIU-QC as assistant director for student services, where he focused on outreach to children in preschool through high school.

Scott is now retired and serves on our board virtually as he now lives with his husband in Puerto Rico.


Kai Newell


Kai, born and raised in the Quad City area, holds a Bachelors in Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication, complemented by another in Business. Beyond academic achievements, Kai is dedicating their life to advocacy, particularly within the queer and neurodivergent communities. As a published author and lifelong writer, they manifest a profound commitment to crafting a world of acceptance and equality for their children. Kai actively engages in promoting LGBTQ+ rights, fervently working to break barriers and instigate positive change in both personal and professional spheres. Their favorite pastimes include spending quality time with their children (both human and animal), indulging in early 2000s emo music, and immersing themselves in reading. Rooted in the belief that everyone deserves equal access to resources, Kai strives to amplify voices and foster understanding in pursuit of a more inclusive future.


Kasia Leikyna


Kasia was born and raised in the rural QCA. They earned their B.A. in Sociology with a focus on LGBTQ+ Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. Committed to their education, they went on to earn their Masters in Social Work with a concentration on social work within the public education system. They hope to bring this skill set to the Safe Schools initiative that QCAD has been working hard on. Kasia is also an artist and owns a small web-based business called Outlet Orion.

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